Join Us!

We are grateful for everyone who helps out. There are many ways you can contribute to and make a real difference in people’s lives. Below are a few options.

Special Events

At Addison Gilbert Hospital, special events raise funds for important causes while also building friendship, supporting others, and making memories that last.

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Women's Health Advisory Committee

Our mission is to bring together talented and thoughtful women throughout the North Shore and Cape Ann to spread awareness of the importance of keeping our communities healthy.

It is our goal to raise enthusiasm and support for Beverly and Addison Gilbert Hospitals and their programs. We invite you to get involved!

Partnerships with Our Business Community

Explore the role your company can play in shaping the future of Addison Gilbert Hospital and the high-quality health care we offer.

We are eager to partner with businesses that share our dedication to providing the best possible care at Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Addison Gilbert Society

The Society honors donors whose annual gifts represent an investment in the health and well-being of our community, and in our continued ability to deliver the leading-edge care you expect and deserve.

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Community Fundraising

Want to get involved your own way, with a fundraiser that you build to benefit Addison Gilbert Hospital?

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