Create Your Own Fundraising Event

Our passionate patients and friends help make Addison Gilbert Hospital a vibrant part of our community! Community fundraisers are a great way to give back to Addison Gilbert Hospital and thank the individual doctors, nurses and so many others who care for our community every day.

Your energy and creativity are the keys to organizing a successful fundraiser to support our mission. When individuals commit to hosting a community event to benefit Addison Gilbert Hospital, they take on the entire project, “soup to nuts.” We provide guidelines, baseline ideas and an area on our website to help you promote your event.

When you host a fundraiser for Addison  Gilbert Hospital, you are helping raise the much-needed funds that allow us to continue operating at the top of our game as a leader in clinical care that we deliver close to home.


We've got your answers....

from planning your event to making your gift to Addison Gilbert Hospital.

What are my responsibilities as an organizer?
It is your job to plan and manage the event, including logistics, sponsors, publicity, prizes, entertainment –anything that will make your event a success and raise funds. You are responsible for paying all expenses associated with your event. Our staff is ready to answer questions and offer support where we can. Details are included in our Community Fundraising Guide.

What is the process for setting up a community event to support Addison Gilbert Hospital?
You first complete and submit an event registration for your event. We ask that you complete the request at a minimum of six weeks before the event. This allows us to maximize support, enthusiasm and attendance at all events. Once our event staff approves your registration, we will provide our logo for your event promotion, as well as a code for online donations.

May I use Addison Gilbert Hospital’s logo?
Once your event is approved, you may use our logo to promote your event. We will email you the logo; please do not download a logo you find on the internet. Addison Gilbert Hospital must review all promotional materials (t-shirts, posters, brochures, etc.) that include our name or logo before they are used or made public; the hospital also must approve all online use of our name and logo. Please refer to the Community Fundraising Guide for details.

Who promotes my event?
You and your team promote your event. Our staff will be happy to provide advice; we are unable to provide any mailing lists for fundraisers. Once your event is approved and you have all the details confirmed, we will promote your event on a page from which we can direct visitors to your own event page or email address for more information.

Can I raise money to support a particular program or department?
Yes! Our staff will be happy to discuss where you may want to direct the funds you raise.

What do I need to know about getting donations for my event and any expenses I have?
As the community event host, you are responsible for securing donations, including sponsorships. Please contact us before you approach businesses for donations and/or sponsorships, as we want to be sure that we are not reaching out to the same person more than once.

You will be managing expenses and must cover those costs;  Addison Gilbert Hospital does not advance monies nor pay for any event-related expenses. We encourage you to seek donated goods and services to keep your expenses down and to negotiate costs for anything you must purchase.

Our Community Fundraising Guide includes more details about expenses, liabilities, securing sponsorships and donated goods, raffles and much more.

Think BIG

Make it fun and social!

Check out a few ideas for creating your fundraiser.

You are the power behind your fundraiser. Choose something fun and social — something you love and/or that will draw your friends and community together. Just remember to be creative, THINK BIG and have fun!

A few ideas:

  • Art/crafts sale
  • Battle of the bands
  • Bingo night
  • Book sale
  • Bowling tournament
  • Casino night
  • Car wash
  • Concert
  • Dinner party
  • Fashion show
  • Garage sale
  • Golf tournament
  • Movie night
  • Run/walk/ride
  • Sporting events
  • Work department or neighborhood challenge
Take a peek inside the Community Fundraising Guide

Get all the details you need to organize a community fundraiser for Winchester Hospital...

…including “the fine print”

Organizer responsibilities
Approval process
Addison Gilbert Hospital name and logo usage
Event promotion
Event expenses and tax-exempt status
Getting donations for your event
In-kind donations
Closing out your fundraiser

Read the complete Community Fundraising Guide.