Medical technology today is a true marvel. It’s also truly expensive. At Addison Gilbert Hospital, we are committed to offering the best possible technology to our patients. That’s one reason why the support of our community is so important to us.

Among the latest technology we offer is 3D mammography, which is advanced breast imaging. This technology detects more cancers than standard mammograms and may reduce unnecessary biopsies. It produces clearer images and allows the radiologist who is reading the image to zoom in, magnify and optimize different parts of the breast tissue.

At Addison Gilbert Hospital, you will also find the Gorton’s Cancer Care Center, which offers convenient, local access to world-class cancer and specialty care. Offering this level of sophisticated care reflects our  commitment to bringing high quality health care to the Cape Ann community.

Cancer care available at Addison Gilbert Hospital is close to home and second to none ─ from the latest diagnostic technologies and evaluations, to innovative surgical and treatment approaches, to nursing care and social supports.

The Cancer Care Center is part of the Gorton’s Center’s Specialty Suite, which includes physician offices, examination rooms, and procedure rooms for individuals who require specialty care. This care is provided by physicians specializing in endocrinology, infectious diseases, ophthalmologic laser surgery, orthopedics, podiatry, surgical services, urology, and vascular services.

The support of our community helps us provide all of this expanded access to specialty care, making it easier than ever before for Cape Ann residents to get the high quality care that they deserve and that we are committed to providing.

These are just a few examples of the amazing technology available to you at Addison Gilbert Hospital – made possible in large part with the support of our generous donors.