$100,000 Challenge Will Enhance Foundations of Care

Kaloyanides, Ellises Support Vital Initiative

When Addison Gilbert Hospital announced that it wanted to buy new equipment for an inpatient unit, two tried-and-true supporters were quick to say that they were on board. Volunteer Stephen Kaloyanides joined with the Ellis Family Foundation to offer a $100,000 matching gift challenge to carry the initiative forward. In gratitude for their leadership, the Addison Gilbert Society honored Kaloyanides and the Ellis family during the Society’s Gloucester harbor cruise last July.

Advocating for superior patient care

“Whenever we see a way to improve care, we advocate for it,” said Cindy Cafasso Donaldson, Vice President of Addison Gilbert Hospital. “It is part of an unwritten covenant among this tightly-knit Cape Ann community to always be there for each other.”

The most recent expressions of that commitment are the Ellis-Kaloyanides challenge and the donations it prompted, Donaldson said. As a result, the Steele One Inpatient Unit will have 32 new high-tech beds to improve patient comfort and healing.

Today’s hospital beds are essentially pieces of medical equipment, going well beyond the basics of comfort to include vital monitoring capabilities plus safety features for patients and clinicians alike. They are the foundation of good care. For example, they can:

  • Alert staff if a patient at risk for falling is trying to get up
  • Monitor vital health indicators
  • Automatically adjust height to ease bed transfers for patients and staff
  • Minimize the risk of pressure ulcers, or bed sores

Needless to say, medical equipment like this is expensive — each replacement bed costs $8,000.

Civic-minded philanthropists lead the way

“Our small hospital relies on civic-minded philanthropists to help fund our ongoing investments in patient care,” said Donaldson. “One hundred years ago, we began with the support of a pair of donors—Addison Gilbert and Rev. Jeremiah J. Healey. Now a new generation of steadfast supporters is leading the way, and we are deeply grateful.”

Kaloyanides is a regular volunteer in the hospital’s Emergency Department. “I have seen firsthand the superior care residents and visitors have access to at Addison Gilbert,” he said. “Especially for the elderly or disadvantaged, it is so important to have a very good local hospital. I often hear patients in the ED say, ‘I want to stay right here on Cape Ann.’ This is a vital project for our community hospital.”

Joan Ellis, a director of the Ellis Family Foundation, agreed. “It can be critical to have the best care close by,” she said. “The hospital recently made investments in a CT scanner and a Cardiology Suite, which our family foundation supported. My brothers and I are thrilled to advance the hospital’s current commitment to update inpatient beds, promoting safety and healing. We anticipate a continued outpouring of support for this latest ‘bricks-and-mortar’ effort at a hospital that is a vital resource for Cape Ann.”

Community and hospital leaders joined with Addison Gilbert Society members in July to honor Kaloyanides and the Ellises for their leadership role in funding the new hospital beds. The society honors donors whose annual gifts of $1,000 or more represent an investment in the health and well-being of our community and our ability to continue to deliver leading-edge care.