Beloved Oncologist Is a True Champion of Care

Patient honors Dr. Sandy McIntrye

He is the embodiment of the kind of doctor that patients and fellow providers want: a compassionate, empathetic, expert physician and quiet, graceful leader.

Dr. Angus (Sandy) McIntyre has been a shining light for Addison Gilbert Hospital patient Alan Plows, over many years of treatment. “He is truly a gentleman and caring physician,” said Alan, who with his wife Sally, recently made a Champions of Care gift to the hospital in Dr. McIntyre’s honor. “He has provided great guidance for the whole team at the Addison Gilbert cancer center. They are all beyond description!”

Dr. McIntyre stepped into his role as a hematology-oncology physician servicing both Beverly and Addison Gilbert hospitals in 2000 and has come to have a deep appreciation for the Gloucester community and his colleagues, many of whom having deep roots on Cape Ann. “I was originally going to work at Addison Gilbert for just one day a week,” he explained. When a fellow oncologist left her position a few months later after he started, his work changed. “As I spent more time in Gloucester, I really began to enjoy my practice. I had great nurses with me, and I found that the community was a rewarding place to work.”

As a physician, he appreciates the rich diversity of people he meets and treats. “People come from all different backgrounds — people who are part of the fishing industry, from different ethnic groups including Italian and Portuguese, some of my patients do not speak English,” he said. “We have people with two or more homes who split their time and are here for the summer, and some who are of very modest means. “I feel like I’ve served a good purpose here.”

The first time Dr. McIntyre meets any patient, he immediately makes them the center of the conversation. “I always like to hear the patient tell their own story of how things developed. I can get a feel for them and for their understanding of their medical issue,” he said. “People are fearful of treatment, and I find that fine line of telling them honestly what they can expect without increasing any fears they already have.”

A Long Island, New York native, Dr. McIntyre graduated from Harvard University, and after medical school at Stanford University, was thrilled to return to New England to complete his residency at Boston City Hospital. After conducting research for a couple of years, he realized he did not want a career in a lab and pursued a fellowship in oncology and hematology; he is board-certified in both specialties.

“We are very fortunate to work with Dr. McIntyre,” said Cindy Cafasso Donaldson, vice president of Addison Gilbert Hospital. “He brings a unique blend of clinical brilliance along with empathy and compassion to our patients.”

Alan’s experiences as a long-time patient of Dr. McIntyre reflect that description. “I have the utmost respect for him. He is always on top of what’s going on in his specialties, and so far for me, he is batting a thousand!”

The Cape Ann community has only enriched Dr. McIntyre’s experiences. “I’ve had some patients with very interesting lives over the years. It has made it so gratifying!” Together with his colleagues who call Cape Ann home, he takes great pride in caring for those who share this vibrant community.