Your Help Makes It Possible

Health care needs and technology change quickly. The support of donors like you allows Beverly Hospital to offer our patients a wide range of services and medical equipment to meet their needs today and for years to come. Philanthropy is critical to our continued success.

You may choose to make an unrestricted gift to Beverly Hospital, to be used where needed, or you may designate your gift to an area of special meaning to you – for instance, nursing programs, medical education, cancer care, cardiovascular medicine, or other clinical services.

In addition, you can make your gift in honor or memory of a family member, loved one, member of your Beverly Hospital care team, friend, or coworker as a generous and heart-warming way to pay tribute to that special person.

However you decide to contribute, please know that we are exceedingly grateful for your generous donation and your investment in the health of our North Shore community.

Emergency Department

Our ED is one of the busiest on the North Shore and the third largest in the Beth Israel Lahey Health system. We are continuously improving and working to decrease emergency room wait times and improve your experience as our patient.

Our hospital’s physicians, nurses and staff take great pride in the care we they provide to our community every day. Today, we are raising funds to:

  • Expand a new model of “vertical care.” This best practice of care is for patients who need to be treated but not admitted to the hospital; these patients should remain upright in a recliner chair (vertical) for rapid treatment. We will need to purchase new equipment and make renovations to maximize our space for vertical care.
  • Double the size of our behavioral health area, as the number of daily visits of patients with mental health needs has increased.
  • Deepen specialized training of our medical staff so that they are best equipped to manage health issues as they emerge. These might include areas such as such as trauma care, medication-assisted treatment for addiction, mental health counselling and/or other behavioral health needs. 
Technology & Equipment

Medical technology today is a true marvel. It’s also truly expensive. At Beverly Hospital, we are committed to offering the best possible technology to our patients, and that’s one reason why the support of our community is so important to us.

If you need surgery at Beverly Hospital — from non-invasive outpatient procedures to more complex operations requiring hospital stays — you will receive care in a state-of-the-art expansion. Thanks to $2.7 million raised from 150 donors, the surgical suite boasts new, larger operating rooms, high-definition monitors, LED lights, new equipment for minimally invasive surgeries, sterilization facilities and more.

High-level technology, in fact, is in place throughout Beverly Hospital — in our Cardiac Inpatient Unit, Special Care Nursery, Emergency Department, Endoscopy Suite, and Hematology-Oncology Care Center.

Your support allows us to provide for the changing health care needs of our communities, to update and refurbish our facilities, and to add and update technologies, innovative programs and services. Generous gifts from community members like you help to turn adequate health care into exceptional health care by enabling our staff to exceed the expectations of the people we serve.

Scholarships, Training & Education

Even the best medical equipment in the world is only as good as the skill of the clinicians who use it. At Beverly Hospital, we are proud of the high level of knowledge, expertise, and technical ability that our doctors, nurses, and other caregivers bring to their work every day.

With medical knowledge changing so rapidly, our staff is committed to continuing to learn and develop new skills. Donations from our community are used to provide scholarships, training, and medical education programs that enhance the capabilities of our clinical staff. Each year, the Fred Thorne Nursing Scholarship Fund awards a scholarship to a staff member from Beverly Hospital or Addison Gilbert Hospital who wants to obtain a nursing degree.

Our donors also help fund clinical research initiatives that help our medical staff deliver improved patient care.

New & Existing Programs

Beverly Hospital supports the patients who come through our doors as well as those outside of them. We are committed to outreach to present educational programs, health screenings, and medical services for the North Shore community.

Donations to Beverly Hospital support the operating costs of new and existing essential programs for which there is not adequate reimbursement – many of which serve vulnerable populations. They also provide seed funding for new programs that offer promise of improving care or lowering costs.