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You are part of the reason that we are successful every day throughout Lahey Health, focusing on what we do best: caring for our community and each other. Taking pride in our individual tasks and team accomplishments helps make this both a great place to work and a provider of amazing care for our community – including some of our own family and friends.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on generous donors, including colleagues, to help keep the level of care we deliver second to none. Through our colleague giving program, Care2Share, you can invest in our programs and show your pride in your team. Our goal is a high participation rate; no gift is too small! 

Will you join us? Gifts to Care2Share help provide valuable funding for our hospitals’ and programs’ greatest needs throughout the year – whether they are colleague training, new or replacement equipment or technology, expert staff, upgraded systems, or so much more.

Your participation in Care2Share reflects the value you place in what we do best: caring for our community and each other.

Frequently asked questions

Can I afford to participate? Does Care2Share really make a difference?

Answers to these questions and many more!

Does Care2Share make a difference?
Yes! In the past 11 years, colleagues have given a staggering $7 million to our four hospitals, Lahey Health Behavioral Services and Lahey Health Senior Care (now Lahey Health Continuing Care). Gifts of any size combine to make an enormous difference!

Do I benefit from contributing?
Yes. Funds raised year-round from Care2Share help us recruit and retain top staff, keep our equipment up-to-date, make improvements to our physical plant and purchase new technology. They help us deliver world-class care to our patients and provide a workplace we can be proud of.

Where does my money go?
It stays at your hospital or facility! Your gifts are part of each entity’s unrestricted funds. This means the funds can be used where they are most urgently needed to keep us on the cutting edge of care.

I work hard every day. Why should I make a gift?
Hospitals and health care service providers across Massachusetts are struggling in a very difficult fiscal environment and ours is no different. The reimbursements we receive from payers are falling as costs are rising, so our budget is tight. As a nonprofit, we depend on donations from thousands of individuals to help us keep our quality high and worthy of the patients who come to us for care.

Your gift is an investment in our mission and in our patients — and tells other donors that we’re in it 100%. Fundraising is more effective when we can tell patients and external donors that we already have the support of our colleagues.

Can I afford to participate?
We want as many colleagues as possible to participate — at whatever level they can give. Gifts of any size are much appreciated and combine to make an enormous difference!

Depending on your budget, you might want to think about your gift in terms of where you spend your ‘flexible/fun’ cash every week.

Could you make a gift that would equal the amount you would spend on ‘date night’ or a family night out?

Could you make a gift each paycheck equal to the cost of a specialty coffee or other treat daily or weekly?

Giving through a payroll deduction means that you slowly pay the total amount of your annual gift. As always, your charitable gift is tax-deductible.

For example:
$2 per paycheck = $52 per year
$3 per paycheck = $78 per year
$5 per paycheck = $130 per year
$10 per paycheck = $260 per year

What if I already have a pledge? Can I still be counted as a participant?
Yes! If you are currently paying off a pledge, you will automatically be included in this year’s participation count.

If your pledge is ending soon, and you would like to renew it, please fill out and return the form sent to your home or follow the donation link for your hospital or facility (see right). The new pledge will begin once your current one is fulfilled.

What if I already make a recurring gift? Can I still be counted as a participant?
Yes! If you are currently making a recurring gift, you will automatically be included in this year’s participation count.

If you have a recurring gift and would like to increase the amount of your gift, please fill out and return the form to change the amount being deducted or follow the donation link for your hospital or facility (see right).

If you are unsure how much you are currently giving, check your pay stub, where the amount will be stated. If you do not wish to change your recurring gift, you do not have to do anything.


Prizes and fun stuff

"Everyone's a winner"...

…but some may win more!

Every donor receives a fun new incentive prize (stay tuned for details!).

Every donor wins a chance to be part of a grand prize raffle drawing at each hospital or affiliate! (Tentatively scheduled to be drawn at Winchester Hospital before December 22 and by January 11 – final dates coming soon!)

Donors win chances to win weekly raffles (tentatively to be pulled during the weeks of November 26, December 3 and December 10 – final dates coming soon!).

Every donor receives a Care2Share pin for your lanyard.



BONUS for newbies!

First-time donors earn a 2nd chance to win the grand prize at your hospital or affiliate!

To make your gift: either click on a link to your hospital or affiliate (right) and make a gift online – or download, complete and return the appropriate form (right).