Residents rebound to victory despite historic Attending comeback

The following is a game description submitted by Chief Resident Captain Alec Kherlopian.

The FINAL SCORE of the Attending/Fellow v Resident Basketball game was 40 – 31. The Residents reign undefeated so far, now an established dynasty with a 4-0 record!

The residents and attendings started off equally well. But then the residents started making more aggressive moves to the basket and making a three-pointer here and there. They were ahead by a few points when it was half time.

At the start of the half, the residents went on an unprecedented run led by new recruits Simarjeer Brar (PGY1) and Kwadwo Ofosu-Barko (PGY1). The residents were down by double digits. But then, the attending team went on an Offensive and Defensive rage, stealing the ball, blocking shots, grabbing rebounds left-and-right, hitting jump shuts, making post-moves, and driving aggressively to the hoop! Twin Towers Dr. Soderland & Dr. Brendan Connell and Splash Brothers Dr. Mike Colancecco and Dr. Imran Hasan led the attendings to greatest comeback since Celtics vs Rockets in December 2017.

The attendings were only 5 points behind. But the coaching changes made by the resident team in conjunction with a shift change by the attendings led to an AMAZING run by the residents, leading to a final victory by the RESIDENTS over the ATTENDINGS/FELLOWS.

No injuries were reported. All reported for their medical duties for their next shift!

We raised $850 for People Helping People of Burlington to fund their healthy food pantry (consists of harvested food).

Thank you to our young scoreboard operator!

Thank you to all who donated and participated.

Thank you to the Alumni Association for covering the cost of our T-shirts.

Thank you to Kwadwo (phonetically Kojo) for organizing the venue at Middlesex Private School of Concord, MA.