Physician, teacher and executive relishes patient care

Wael Al-Husami, MD, walked away from other fellowship offers at larger institutions in 2004 in favor of Lahey Clinic for the qualities that reflect Dr. Frank Lahey’s founding principles.

Dr. Al-Husami is an interventional cardiologist, medical director of International Health, director of International Medical Education and a senior member of the executive health team at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.

He completed both his cardiovascular and cardiology fellowships here. Now with more than 24 years of experience as a physician, executive and teacher, he remains as passionate as ever about patient care and instilling Lahey values in today’s residents and fellows. Dr. Al-Husami’s diverse experiences span the globe.

“I’m like a kid — I cannot choose one that I love more than the other,” he said. “I love them all!” In addition to his appointments beyond his Lahey roles , Dr. Al-Husami also has been leading international humanitarian interventional cardiology medical missions in Jordan. These missions, organized by the Syrian American Medical Society, support ongoing medical relief programs and provide health care to Syrian refugees and local communities.

The roles Dr. Al-Husami is most passionate about all involve a focus on the individual patient. As a medical director of Lahey’s International Health Program, he loves offering patients and their families a home of sorts. “People come to Lahey thinking about sickness and disease,” he said. “I love getting to know them, to ease their stress, and to help them understand their disease so that they’ll have the confidence to move forward and improve their health. That energizes me every day!”

Dr. Al-Husami also takes great pride in his work with the Executive Health Program, for its success lies in the strength of the clinic model. “There are similar executive health programs, but none with the knowledge and specialty access that we have here at Lahey,” he explained. “Because we are a group working across specialties, I can call the chair of cardiology, neurosurgery, urology or anyone else at any time when a patient needs a consultation.”

Ultimately, Dr. Al-Husami is most passionate about treating cardiac patients. “Patients come to us very sick, near death, and within an hour, a team of nurses, technologists, physicians, ER doctors and others can turn them around,” he said. “Then they rely on you to be the final person to treat the clogged artery that could have killed the patient. It’s very emotional when you see the patients a few minutes after cardiac procedures, and they are smiling, laughing with their family, all hugging you. It’s worth the world!”

“Our work is not about the number of cases. It’s about turning patients’ lives around, improving their quality of life!” This is Lahey, and this is who we are.