Advocating for Women’s Health

The Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center was founded in 2004 by a group of female community leaders and physicians with the goal of educating and empowering women to be their own health care advocates.

The WLC supports Lahey through educational programming, philanthropy and outreach. Initiatives include the annual Women’s Health Lecture Series, a forum that supports education and healthcare advocacy for women of all ages; philanthropic support; and various fundraising events such as the annual Ladies’ Night Out. To date, the WLC has raised over $3 million in support of strategic initiatives at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Support has been directed to advanced care at Lahey’s Comprehensive Breast Health Centers in Peabody and Burlington, simulation training and educational stipends for Lahey nurses, and the Family Waiting Area in the new state-of-the art Joseph C. Corkery, MD, Emergency Center in Burlington.

The council has pledged at least $2 million for the Women’s Leadership Council Hospice Comfort Care Fund. The fund will support Lahey Hospital & Medical Center patients facing end of life. Make a gift to the fund here.




Join Us for a Lecture, Event or as a Member!

Whether you choose to attend one lecture, become a regular attendee of the lecture series, join a committee or support the council’s programming and fundraising efforts, the Women’s Leadership Council welcomes you to get involved, and to share this invitation with others.

All Women’s Leadership Council programs and events, including the Women’s Health Lectures, are open to all — friends and family, patients, staff, volunteers, caregivers, and neighbors.

For information on the Women’s Leadership Council, to be added to our mailing list, or to join us in our volunteer effort, please contact us at 781.744.3333 or

Health Education

You can watch videos of recent lectures designed to teach you more about your health and that of your family. All of our lectures are free and open to the public.

Our Members

Meet our members (PDF)

Randi Conley
Kathy Huber

Carolyn Ain
Kathy Bickimer
Jill Bosa
Ann Marie Connolly
Grace Corkery, JD
Jeannette Creighton
Tofunmi David-Ochi
Christine DiEdwardo, MD
Gretchen Fox
Kristine Gaumnitz
Anna Gould
Cindy Gruber
Shannon Hegarty, DC
Susan Jenkins
Mary Jones
Beth Neeley Kubacki
Ellen Levinson
Karen Liesching
Tamilyn Liesenfeld
Stephanie Parker
Susan Priem
Suzanne Reiss, MD
Mary Reynolds
Joan Robbio
Diane Robinson
Liz Sacco
Karly Servais
Susan Silverman
April Strickman
Ellen Sullivan
Mary Anna Sullivan
Adele Tambor
Lori Wassermann
Carol Wilson


Clinical Advisory Committee

Dawn D. Anderson, MD
Vonzella Bryant, MD
Claudia J. Chaves, MD
Kimberly R. Christ, PhD
Beth Collins, MD
Sara R. Davies Liepie, MD
Christine DiEdwardo, MD
Judith B. Feldman, MD
Heather A. Ford, MD
Tracy Galvin, MSN, RN
Dinamarie C. Garcia-Banigan, MD
Alice A. Hunter, MD
Meredith Johnson, PA
Ann Marie Joyce, MD
Cathleen Kim, MD
Paula Kinnunen, MD
Christine Kovacs, MD
Carla Lamb, MD
Susan M. MacDonald, MD
Jessica Mandeville, MD
Mary Katherine McNeice, NP
Ruth A. Ross McCormack, MD
Andrea B. McKee, MD
Judith A. Melin, MD
Julie O’Brien, MD
Artemis (Artie) G. Pazianos, MD
Amanda Powell, MD
Elizabeth M. Prusak, MD
Jennifer A. Rehm, MD
Patricia L. Roberts, MD
Shiyoung Roh, MD
Mary Anna Sullivan, MD
Christine B. Thomas, MD
Daniela Urma, MD
Alison Vogell, MD
Christina Williamson, MD
Claire D. Wilson, MD
Christine Winger, MD

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