Thank you!

Thank you for making our Sixth Annual Ladies’ Night Out a success! Together, we raised $160,000.

Help Patients in Need

All funds raised at Ladies’ Night Out support the Women’s Leadership Council Hospice Comfort Care Fund at Lahey Hospital & Medical  Center.

The goal is to raise a $2 million endowed fund over five years. When fully funded, the Hospice Comfort Care Fund will provide supplemental end-of-life care for patients in need. Support includes nursing and hospice care in a variety of settings, including home, hospice and long-term care facilities.

Women’s Leadership Council Members

Carolyn Ain, Kathy Bickimer, Jill Bosa, Randi Conley (co-chair), Ann Marie Connolly, Grace Corkery JD, Jeannette Creighton, Laura Crosby, Tonfunmi David-Ochi, Christine DiEdwardo MD, Gretchen Fox Stein, Anna Gould, Kristine Gaumnitz, Cindy Gruber, Shannon Hegarty MD, Kathy Huber (co-chair), Susan Jenkins, Mary Jones, Ellen Levinson, Karen Liesching, Tamilyn Liesenfeld Esq.,  Stephanie Parker, Susan Priem, Suzanne Reiss MD, Mary Reynolds, Joan Robbio, Diane Robinson, Liz Sacco, Kelly Servais, Susan Silverman, April Strickman, Ellen Sullivan, Mary Anna Sullivan, Adele Tambor, Lori Wassermann, Carol Wilson

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Women's Leadership Council members