Important message regarding Ladies’ Night Out

Your health is of utmost importance to everyone here at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center during this public health emergency. In an effort to limit exposure and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel Ladies’ Night Out as a physical event and embark on a virtual fundraising campaign to support Lahey’s newly establishedHealthcare Heroes Emergency Response Fund.

“When we originally came up with the idea to hold Ladies’ Night Out, we never dreamed we would have to cancel it because of a pandemic,” said Cindy Gruber, a founding member of the Women’s Leadership Council. “But here we are today, worried about our friends, family and coworkers, and yes, our hospital. Lahey needs us now more than ever.”

The emergency fund will provide vital resources to hospital leaders as they take every measure needed to expand capacity, procure supplies and keep frontline staff — the true healthcare heroes — safe.

“Philanthropic support for Lahey is core to the mission of the Women’s Leadership Council,” said Randi Conley, a cochair of the Women’s Leadership Council. “Please join us by making a gift to help the staff on the front lines through the Healthcare Heroes Emergency Response Fund. Your support will help us get the upper hand as we respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. Donations to the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center Healthcare Heroes Emergency Response Fund are tax-deductible, though the cost of raffle tickets are not.

Thank you for supporting Lahey and Ladies’ Night Out.



Women’s Leadership Council

2020 Ladies’ Night Out Chairs
Kathy Bickimer, Jeannette Creighton, Tamilyn Liesenfeld

2020 Women’s Leadership Council Members

Carolyn Ain, Kathy Bickimer, Jill Bosa, Randi Conley, Ann Marie Connolly, Grace Corkery JD, Jeannette Creighton, Tofunmi David-Ochi, Sara Davies, Christine DiEdwardo MD, Gretchen Fox Stein, Kristine Gaumnitz, Mary-Ellen Giolito, Anna Gould, Cindy Gruber, Shannon Hegarty DC, Kathy Huber, Susan Jenkins, Mary Jones, Beth Neeley Kubacki, Ellen Levinson, Karen Liesching, Tamilyn Liesenfeld, Stephanie Parker, Susan Priem, Suzanne Reiss MD, Mary Reynolds, Joan Robbio, Elizabeth Sacco, Karly Servais, Susan Silverman, April Strickman, Ellen Sullivan, Mary Anna Sullivan MD, Emily Tamilio RN BSN, Lori Wassermann, Carol Wilson

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Pictured: The Women’s Leadership Council at Ladies’ Night Out 2019.