End-of-Life Care is Focus of New Hospice Comfort Care Fund

The hospital’s Women’s Leadership Council has launched an ambitious fundraising initiative to raise $2 million to provide supplemental end-of-life care for patients in need.

Canadian Couple Supports Trauma Education

Earl Brewer and Sandy-Kitchen Brewer of New Brunswick, Canada, come to Lahey for their care. By making grants to the Lahey Clinic Canadian Foundation, they can foster cross-border collaboration among Lahey and Canadian physicians.

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Couple Honors Lahey Nurses

After Lahey nurses helped him return to health, Lexington businessman Mark Ain and his wife, Carolyn, created a scholarship fund that helps these caregivers further their education.

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New Exhibit Celebrates Philanthropy

Through a historical timeline and artifacts from Dr. Lahey himself, visitors to a new exhibit at the hospital can experience how Lahey Clinic grew from a small multispecialty practice into an institution that serves more than 1 million patients a year.

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A Legacy of Love

A Tewksbury woman’s stem cell transplant led to the creation of a fund that has raised more than $134,000 for Lahey’s Autologous Stem Cell Transplant program and left a legacy her family and her physicians can be proud of.

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Local CEO Supports Global Program

Inspired by his faith and his patriotism, a local businessman helps make it possible for Lahey clinicians to care for patients in need around the globe. Teams of doctors, nurses and other staff have traveled to 32 countries under the auspices of the Global Outreach Program.

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Liver Transplant Recipient Pays His “Miracle” Forward

Vietnam veteran Dudley Farquhar survived the ravages of war, including open wounds and a deadly bout with malaria that spiked his fever to 106 degrees. When he returned home, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, he found that doing charitable work lifted him out of depression and he devoted his life to helping others, donating his free time to POW/MIA and veterans’ organizations, as well as youth support groups. But decades after the war ended, Farquhar learned his personal fight wasn’t over yet.

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