Couple Honors Lahey Nurses

Ain Nursing Scholarship Has Long-term Impact

Mark and Carolyn Ain of Lexington and their children have been patients and dedicated supporters of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center for many years. But it was a hospital stay for Mark three years ago that gave them both a special appreciation for the dedication and caring of Lahey nurses.

“It was a scary time for us,” said Carolyn, who serves on the hospital’s board of trustees. “The nurses were incredible. They have so much on their plate, and yet their giving was extraordinary. They always had time for him, and they were friendly and caring.”

Mark, the founder, former chairman and CEO of Kronos Inc., says his experience made him look at the nursing profession in a new light. “The doctors of course did a wonderful job, but so much of the good work that goes on at the hospital happens because of the nurses,” he said. “They really go out of their way to make things right for the patients.”

Carolyn, who is also a member of the hospital’s Women’s Leadership Council, has seen the impact of Lahey nurses on patients throughout the hospital. “I’ve gone on rounds and talked to patients receiving many different types of treatment,” she said. “Over and over, I hear from them that they are receiving a level of nursing care at Lahey that they wouldn’t get at other places.”

Advancing nurse training

After Mark came home, the Ains decided that in addition to their other giving to Lahey, they wanted to do something specifically for nurses. The result is the Ain Nursing Scholarship, which advances the professional training of two nurses each year. “We know many nurses want to advance their training, but they don’t always have the resources to do that,” Carolyn said. “We wanted to do something that will have a long-term impact for the nurses and the hospital.”

The Ain Nursing Scholarship is helping Lahey to attract and retain exceptional nurses at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for hospitals to maintain a full nursing staff to meet the burgeoning need.

Corey French, RN, was one of two 2016 Ain Scholarship recipients. Thanks to the award, he is nearing completion of an MSN in nursing administration from Salem State University. “The Ain Scholarship was instrumental in me completing my master’s and I am so thankful,” he said. “Otherwise, I would have had to delay some classes and spread things out over several more years. I so appreciate the Ains’ generosity.”

French and the other nurses who receive Ain Nursing Scholarships continue to pay the gift forward by mentoring their colleagues. And the Ains hope that other donors will join them in helping the Lahey nursing staff become the best they can be.

A long partnership with Lahey

Among the gifts the Ains have given to Lahey include a generous donation to the hospital’s new Joseph C. Corkery, MD, Emergency Center, in appreciation of the exceptional care provided by Lahey doctors and nurses.

Carolyn has another important connection with the new Emergency Center as a member of the Women’s Leadership Council, which has a long history of supporting Lahey’s nursing program and other programs. Recently, the WLC raised $500,000 to sponsor the center’s Family Waiting Area.

The Ains are so well-known among family and friends for their support of Lahey that they often get calls asking them which doctor they should see. “People know that if I don’t know who the right person is, I will find out,” Carolyn said. “Lahey has the wonderful ability to get people the help they need.”