New Inpatient Dialysis Unit to Reduce Hospital Stays, Increase Efficiency

Grateful patient repays doctor’s decades of care

Great medical care for a Lahey patient over the past thirty years has led to the funding of a brand new inpatient dialysis unit at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Funding for the Christopher Y. Ying, MD, Dialysis Unit, which has six dialysis beds, was donated by Robert J. Shillman, a patient of Dr. Ying’s since 1990.  As a token of his gratitude, Shillman named the unit in his honor. 

The Christopher Y. Ying, MD, Dialysis Unit will be open for patients starting this spring. The unit will double Lahey’s capacity to treat kidney patients, enabling more patients to be treated sooner, which reduces the time they have to stay in the hospital waiting for treatment

This expansion comes at a time where there is a growing number of hospitalized patients who require dialysis. In 2019, Lahey performed an unprecedented 3,200 dialysis treatments. “We’ve had a 100-percent increase in our inpatient dialysis population over the past seven years,” Dr. Ying said. “And thanks to Dr. Bob Shillman’s incredible generosity and gift, we now have this state-of-the-art dialysis unit.”

Shillman is the Founder and Chairman of Natick-based Cognex Corporation. He is known as “Doctor Bob,” a name he received after earning a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has been awarded several honorary doctorates, as well. “My Ph.D doesn’t stand for ‘Doctor of Philosophy,’ Shillman explained at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony, “I say it stands for ‘Doctor of Philanthropy.’ [The Ying Dialysis Unit] is an investment that is really paying dividends and providing better healthcare for every patient who needs it here.”