InNeuroCo Gives $1 Million

Gift to benefit Image Guided Therapy Innovation Center

InNeuroCo has committed $1 million to the Image Guided Therapy (IGT) Innovation Center planned for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. The IGT Center will bring together engineers, physicians and researchers to deliver leading-edge clinical care and produce major breakthroughs in novel imaging that will improve diagnosis and guide treatment in many areas of medicine.

“As the tools get better, as the imaging gets better, it becomes easier and easier to replace open surgery,” said Marc Litzenberg, president and CEO of Florida-based InNeuroCo. “But you need to integrate the equipment to work together. You’re merging technologies and taking concepts from different fields of medicine. And that’s the very promising piece of the IGT Center. To be part of that is an honor.”

His company, which develops and makes tools for image guided neurovascular procedures, plans to station an engineer at the IGT Center to understand the needs of clinicians and to help develop tools to meet those needs. 

“A lot of the technology needs to be fine-tuned and married together and then the uses for it need to be applied to the new technology that companies like ours develop,” Litzenberg said. For instance, images obtained by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) can be overlaid to produce very detailed images that can guide clinicians. But this cannot be accomplished in real time to aid interventional neuroradiologists who are repairing a brain aneurysm or interventional cardiologists who are taming an erratic heartbeat by threading a catheter through a patient’s veins and arteries.

The first element of the planned Image Guided Therapy (IGT) Innovation Center is a new Neurointerventional Radiology Suite that opened recently on the second floor of the hospital. Radiologists and hospital leaders cut the ribbon September 9 on the state-of-the-art facility, with equipment for diagnosing and treating brain aneurysms, strokes and other neurovascular and spinal disorders.

Neurointerventional Radiology Chief Ajay Wakhloo, MD, PhD, FAHA, will direct the IGT Center at Lahey. “The InNeuroCo gift will allow us to develop multidisciplinary, collaborative projects in minimally invasive robotic surgery that will benefit patients at Lahey and everywhere,” he said. Noting the machine learning and telecommunications capabilities of the new imaging equipment in the new suite, he said, “Patients will benefit. The region will benefit. This is all about our patients. It’s about how can we serve our patients and get them the best treatment possible.”

The IGT Innovation Center will be the only facility in New England dedicated to the multidisciplinary development of minimally invasive, image guided therapies. It will be built within the main hospital, adjacent to the Center for Professional Development & Simulation, which creates further synergies for the mission of both efforts.