Liver Transplant Recipient Pays His “Miracle” Forward

Vietnam veteran Dudley Farquhar survived the ravages of war, including open wounds and a deadly bout with malaria that spiked his fever to 106 degrees. When he returned home, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, he found that doing charitable work lifted him out of depression and he devoted his life to helping others, donating his free time to POW/MIA and veterans’ organizations, as well as youth support groups. But decades after the war ended, Farquhar learned his personal fight wasn’t over yet.

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New Ambulance Bay Honors Loyal Friend Bill Armstrong

Bill Armstrong was renowned for his loyalty, and this extended to his business partnerships, especially with Lahey Health. Over the years, Armstrong witnessed firsthand what it was like to be a patient at LHMC, and he developed confidence in Lahey care.

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Cancer Unites Us All

The annual Lahey Health 5K Cancer Walk & Run, to be held this year on June 24, is far more than a race or a fundraiser for its more than 1,300 participants. It’s a reunion of health care providers and patients, some who do the walk together. It’s a victory lap for those whose treatment is over or a show of determination for others who are still actively fighting cancer.

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Lahey Team at the airport leaving for to Honduras
Donor Dollars Fund Medical Missions

For the past 27 years, volunteers from Lahey Hospital and Medical Center have headed to the Viedma Hospital in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where they spend a week caring for 400 to 500 patients with potentially fatal heart and vascular problems. Public radio and television announce their arrival in this poor South American country with limited medical resources, and sick people travel days to see them.

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Cynthia Gruber, supporter of Lahey Health
The Importance of Knowledge

These are heady times for Cynthia Gruber, a Concord resident who has been a longtime supporter of Lahey Health. She and a filmmaker colleague, Richard Tilkin, produced a documentary about facing death called “Aside From That,” which just won its first award at an international film festival in Houston.

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