Gift of $1.2 million Expands Capacity at LMC, Peabody

New OR equipment expands capacity during COVID-19 pandemic

Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, can now serve more patients thanks to a $1.2 million gift that allows physicians to perform urologic endoscopic procedures that previously could only be done in Burlington.

The gift was made in honor of urologist Christopher Birdsall, MD, by a couple who wish to remain anonymous. “This allows us to offer elective and emergent treatment of kidney stones as well as the full gamut of urologic endoscopic procedures in Peabody, a convenient option for our North Shore patients,” Birdsall said.

The generous gift allowed the hospital to equip the urology operating room with special equipment needed by urologists, including fluoroscopy, and add lead shielding to the walls for safety. Fluoroscopy, a form of X-ray, is used to image the urinary tract and is an integral part of urologic endoscopic procedures. 

In fact, the newly equipped OR was invaluable in the later weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since May 20, some 13 Lahey urologists performed 65 surgeries there. 

“Operating at Peabody has allowed us to take care of patients who, due to the pandemic, had been waiting patiently to have painful kidney stones treated,” said Jessica Mandeville, MD, director of endourology. “It has also allowed us to prevent delaying surgery for bladder lesions, which is necessary for diagnosis, staging and planning for further intervention.”