Healthcare Heroes: Alexa Sequeira, BSN, RN

Driving home after a 12-hour shift treating COVID-19 patients at Winchester Hospital in early May, Alexa Sequeira, BSN, RN, thought her work was done for the day. But when she came upon a crash scene on the Southeast Expressway in Dorchester and didn’t see any Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), she knew she had to help.

A car had crashed into the median across from the South Bay Center, and the driver was on the ground. He looked badly injured, and state troopers had broken a  window to get the man out. Alexa pulled over, told the two troopers she was an Emergency Room nurse and checked the driver’s pulse. She couldn’t find one. “As an ER nurse, you’re trained to assess the situation quickly,” Alexa explained. She immediately started to perform CPR on the driver. In the meantime, the troopers ran to get her gloves and an N95 mask so she could  protect herself. “The driver’s well-being was my priority,” she said.

After eight minutes, the injured driver started to breathe on his own. Four minutes later, he was alert and talking. Then the ambulance arrived to take him to a nearby hospital. 

The Massachusetts State Police posted the incident on their Facebook page the next day, calling Alexa their “Hero of the Day.” They thanked her for helping the man and called her “another in a long line of great nurses who are contributing to public health in so many different ways during this pandemic.”

Alexa said stopping to help the man was instinctive. “As nurses, that’s what we do.”

“I’m just glad he’s okay,” she added.