Giving to Healthcare Heroes: Heimlich’s Nurseries

A Burst of Spring for the Front Line

Businesses around the country have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. With Easter services and other events getting canceled, Heimlich’s Nurseries in Woburn wasn’t going to let its holiday supply of tulips and daffodils go to waste. Instead, they chose to brighten the days of the frontline caregivers and patients at Winchester Hospital.

“I wanted to do something, especially for the nurses,” said Sandy Heimlich, owner of Heimlich’s Nurseries. “They’re on the front line, and I thought sending some tulips and daffodils might brighten up the place, which, I guess, it did.”

Heimlich’s son delivered them a few days before Easter. They filled Winchester’s lobby with bright purple, red and yellow flowers before they were delivered to each unit.

“Our department looks like a breath of fresh air,” said Donna Cefalo, health care educator for laboratory services and the Center for Healthy Living at Winchester.

“I’m glad we did it,” Sandy said.