Hundreds of Thousands of Reasons Our Healthcare Heroes Thank You

Thank You!

Thank you for supporting our Healthcare Heroes Fund to honor and care for all of Winchester Hospital’s employees who have taken care of our friends and family members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March 2020, our employees have made many personal sacrifices and overcome fear and fatigue in order to care for all of our patients.  We have been bolstered by your gifts, cards, kind words, and treats – we are blessed to be part of the Winchester community.

To date, our generous donors have given nearly 700 gifts totaling more than $342,000 that we have used to support our staff, including, but not limited to:

  • Building a respite tent on a roof deck to give staff a quiet place for reflection and rest away from their clinical work spaces.
  • Turning our cafe into a mini-grocery shop so that staff could pick up staples on their way to and from work.
  • Distributing Market Basket gift cards to all staff.
  • Providing free meals during the spring holidays.
  • Distributing treats to staff – from whoopie pies to cafeteria gift cards and ice cream.

“All of us at Winchester Hospital have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from people who we know and those whom we have never met,” said Richard Weiner, MD, hospital president. “It has been so gratifying to know that our community appreciates what our employees are doing during COVID-19.  Rest assured, our caregivers will continue to do what they do best—providing high-quality and compassionate care to those who need it.” 

On behalf of our healthcare heroes and patients, THANK YOU!

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