Gift Advances New Surgical Suite

Mucci Family Foundation gives back to Winchester

 “Winchester Hospital has always been there for us and our children, parents, friends and neighbors,” said Paul Mucci, a longtime Woburn resident and retired financial executive. “Across the whole state, it’s hard to find a community hospital that compares. You can count on high-caliber doctors and up-to-date technologies. It’s a great place.”

Along with his wife, Joyce, Paul has been a steadfast supporter of Winchester Hospital. The couple has advanced ongoing patient care initiatives and trailblazing new projects, such as the Urgent Care Center that opened in 2015 at Baldwin Park, Woburn. Most recently, they have taken a leadership role in supporting Winchester Hospital’s new surgical suite.

The hospital’s No. 1 priority

Plans are rapidly advancing for the surgical suite that will expand and renovate the hospital’s operating rooms and surrounding areas into a space custom built for the current and future needs of the community. True to Winchester Hospital’s unique culture, executives and frontline caregivers contributed to the planning process, and the final design reflects their input. The plans call for a facility that will support a broad array of procedures, including robotic and image guided operations that some would expect to find only in a large medical center. Construction is slated to begin in late 2020.

“The new surgical suite is Winchester Hospital’s No. 1 capital priority,” said hospital President Richard Weiner, MD. “Our community deserves the very best surgical care available for emergency situations and elective procedures. We are thrilled with the Mucci family’s support of this vital effort. Paul and Joyce have been very loyal to their community — especially to their community hospital.” 

Role models for giving back

Paul and Joyce determined long ago that they wanted to take an active role in philanthropy, developing a personal philosophy for their giving. “Our goal has always been to give back, but we have aimed to do it in a targeted fashion,” said Paul. “It is more rewarding to see the immediate impact and to understand the future effects on an organization that we know and trust — such as Winchester Hospital.” Along with making a difference at their community hospital, Paul and Joyce have generously supported Merrimack College, the Museum of Science, a Mississippi mission and food pantry, local church parishes, and more.

Proud parents and grandparents, Paul and Joyce have always embraced the opportunity to be philanthropic role models. “We feel very fortunate to be able to give back,” said Paul. “We are grateful for this distinguished hospital with advanced facilities right here in our community. It’s a privilege to support Winchester Hospital.”