Practices Sponsor Surgical Suite Fundraiser

All in Good Taste Raises More Than $100,000

Two practices that perform surgery and deliver anesthesia at Winchester Hospital sponsored the hospital’s All in Good Taste event for the second consecutive year. Winchester Anesthesia Associates donated $50,000 and Middlesex Surgical Associates gave $25,000 to the May 10 event, which raised more than $100,000 to renovate the surgical suite. Both were lead sponsors last year as well, giving $50,000 each.

The new surgical suite will feature six completely renovated operating rooms, including one hybrid room and one to house the latest generation da Vinci surgical robot. “To maintain the personal patient experience that is so special at Winchester Hospital, we need to update the holding areas, the operating rooms themselves, as well as the postoperative recovery areas,” said Bill Breckwoldt, MD, president of Middlesex Surgical Associates. “The renovation of the operating rooms will allow us to continue the innovations in robotic surgery and vascular and endovascular surgery.”

The renovated surgical suite will benefit thousands of Winchester Hospital patients every year. Cutting edge technology, along with minimally invasive laparoscopic and robot-assisted procedures will improve care and reduce recovery time while making that care easily accessible to residents of Winchester and the surrounding towns. “Having a community hospital there for when you need it is really important,” said Kurt D. Gress, president of Winchester Anesthesia Associates, which has staffed the hospital’s operating rooms for 50 years.

Expanding the surgical suite is a win-win for both caregivers and patients. Dr. Gress cites the growing use of regional anesthesia, which numbs only the part of the body undergoing the operation. This speeds recovery time while reducing the amount of narcotics the patients need, so Dr. Gress and his associates are prescribing fewer opioids. That procedure, however, requires a lot of equipment, and that equipment requires more space in the operating room. “As a practice, it’s important for us to support the place where we work,” Dr. Gress added.

“Supporting the operating room renovations is the least we can do to continue Winchester’s strong tradition in surgical patient care,” Dr. Breckwoldt said.

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