StonehamBank Invests in Winchester Hospital

Pledges $100,000 for new operating rooms

At StonehamBank, “Our community comes first” is more than just a motto; it is a guiding principle. Charitable giving is central to its corporate values. And Winchester Hospital has been honored to receive StonehamBank’s generous, longtime support for nearly two decades. This year, the bank has once again stepped up on behalf of its community by committing $100,000 in support of Winchester Hospital’s recently launched Operating Room Project.

Gifts that inspire

“We are so grateful to StonehamBank for consistently fulfilling the role of a philanthropic leader in our shared community,” said Denise Flynn, the hospital’s Vice President of Philanthropy. “The bank is a shining star. And beyond its financial support, President and CEO Janice Houghton has provided her knowledge and expertise as a volunteer board member for the hospital since 2015. The bank’s commitment to the hospital is inspiring.”

Winchester Hospital is in the early planning stages of a full-scale renovation of its Operating Room Suite. The project originally began as a fundraising effort to renovate one operating room in honor of Arlan Fuller Jr., MD, a noted gynecologic surgeon who retired in 2017. The response to this initiative was tremendous, prompting the hospital to launch a separate project to renovate the remaining operating rooms.

New technologies require new spaces

“Surgery has changed for the better,” noted Gloria Korta, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Philanthropy. “New technologies have allowed many procedures to become minimally invasive, reducing pain and speeding recovery time for patients. Winchester Hospital is fully committed to providing world-class care in a healing environment while reducing risks.” However, the spaces need to change along with the techniques, especially in order to accommodate the advances of robotic surgery.

Always at the forefront of robotic surgery, Winchester Hospital has already purchased an additional da Vinci robot for the new Arlan Fuller Jr., MD, Operating Room. This investment will also create capacity, allowing the hospital to offer robotic surgery in its Ambulatory Surgery Center, located at 620 Washington Street.

Some of the key patient-centered features of the new suite include:

  • An enlarged footprint.
  • Greater patient privacy.
  • Advanced infection control systems.
  • Minimized patient transport.
  • Streamlined workflows.
  • Dedicated physician workstations.

The expanded and renovated surgical areas will meet the needs of our specialists and the complexities of the leading-edge procedures they perform, including interventional radiology techniques. Moreover, it will position the hospital to continually attract the most highly skilled surgeons.

In gratitude for good neighbors

“We are pleased to once again be a leading supporter of Winchester Hospital,” said Ed Doherty Jr., Executive Vice President at StonehamBank. “We have a responsibility to make a difference in the health and well-being of our employees and of individuals in the communities we serve.”

Ed counts himself a true fan of Winchester Hospital. “I grew up in Woburn but now live in Hanover,” he noted. “Despite the distance, my wife and I chose to have all three of our children at Winchester Hospital. Winchester and Lahey are the gold standard.”

Many of the bank’s employees choose Winchester Hospital as well. A survey of the bank’s 85 full-time employees showed that 63 had sought care at Winchester for themselves or a family member.

“StonehamBank believes the success of our local hospital is very important to us all,” said Ed.